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Next Trivia Night:
Saturday, July 11th

Host: Nikhil Arora
Speaker: Dilraj Ghuman
Title: Detecting High Energy Neutrinos Deep in the Pacific
Begins: 7:00 pm
YouTube Link: Click Here To Launch Trivia Night!
Trivia Sheet: Click Here To Download
Activities: Answer a variety of space themed trivia questions formatted as multiple choice, sounds of space, choose your own adventure, and more!

Cost: FREE!

When reading the clear dark sky chart there is a 24h clock time along the top and each row gives useful information, the most impotant ones can be read as follows. The "Cloud Cover" row is white for cloudy and blue for clear. The "Darkness" row is white for daytime and dark blue for night time. The "Seeing" row is white for blurry skies and blue for clear skies.